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Where Can I Purchase Bulk Ajwain Online

The pungent and powerful flavour of ajwain seeds is popular in many Asian cuisines. It gives a tingling sensation to your taste buds and packs a flavour punch that instantly zings up dishes. But the flavour is only one aspect of ajwain seeds’ popularity. It has much more significance, one of them being medicinal usage.

Ajwain seeds have many nutrients and healing properties, which makes them a great herbal medicine. Herbal pharmaceutical companies are one of the largest purchasers at Kitchenhutt. If you want to buy bulk ajwain online, Kitchenhutt can help you source this spice.

We are one of the top suppliers of wholesale Indian spices in South Africa, offering premium quality ajwain seeds at the best competitive rates. Our seeds contain high amounts of essential oil and nutritional value, ensuring you get the best out of your batch.

Our ajwain seeds are perfectly suitable for culinary usage and medicinal purposes. Further below in this article, we have discussed things you should know before you purchase bulk ajwain online from us and put them to good use for your commercial or household needs.

Things to know before using ajwain seeds

Ajwain provides many health benefits. It can promote good gut health, cure digestion, and remove kidney stones. Ajwain also relieves flatulence and other gastrointestinal anomalies.

Its antibacterial properties fight off bacterial and fungal infections. Moreover, diabetic and heart patients can benefit greatly from this spice as it can reduce blood sugar levels and cholesterol in the body.

Consuming ajwain seeds first in the morning with an empty stomach can be highly effective for boosting metabolism. If you don’t like the crunch, pungency, and spiciness of the seeds, you can soak them in water overnight and drink the concoction in the morning.

Precautions for using ajwain seeds

Excessive use of ajwain can lead to many health issues as well. Excessive use of these seeds can heat up the body, resulting in heartburn. It can also lead to excessive gas production in the stomach and cause acidity or acid reflux.

Ajwain seeds are said to have blood-thinning properties. So, patients with blood clotting problems should consume it with caution. Moreover, pregnant women should avoid consuming ajwain seeds or do so with supervision as it can disrupt foetal development.

Purchase bulk ajwain seeds online at Kitchenhutt

Kitchenhutt is South Africa’s prominent supplier of wholesale Indian spices and herbs. We provide online facilities for buying bulk ajwain online at the best competitive prices.

Our ajwain seeds come directly from Indian farmers without any mediating authority between us and them. Since we can deal directly with farmers and don’t have to spend on brokerage, we are able to provide our products at significantly lower prices than market standards.

Lower rates and uncompromised quality are some of the reasons behind our success as a leading spice supplier in South Africa. If you were looking for a good wholesaler for your business needs, you have found us. Visit our website to learn more about our business and order your bulk ajwain seeds online.

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