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5 Less Known Herbs and Spices To Add In Your Kitchen

There are like a hundred spices used in the entire world, each one having a distinct flavor and aroma. But not everyone knows and uses all of them. And you don’t really have to. Every spice can easily be substituted with another one or comes with your commonly used blended spice powder.

However, there are some lesser-known herbs and spices which may come in the spice mixes you use in your kitchen, but using them additionally can really enhance the flavor of your food. The below spice list contains such lesser-known herbs and spices that you should use in your kitchen.

Spices and herbs you should add to your kitchen

Dry Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are a common tempering herb used in Indian cuisine. Contrary to its name, curry leaves don’t taste like curry. They have a taste similar to kaffir leaves and a bit like asafoetida, with herb bitterness and citrusy notes.

When chewed, curry leaves taste bitter and may ruin the experience of food. That is why they are usually removed from the dish when eating.

Usually, curry leaves are used fresh. But when they are not available around in fresh form, you can also use dry leaves.

Bay Leaves

There are several varieties of bay leaves, among which Indian bay leaves are considered more potent. This herb tastes similar to black pepper and mint and goes with a variety of dishes, from soups to stews and meat to vegetable dishes.

Bay leaves are generally used dry at the initial stages of the cooking process. Indian bay leaves are the most common in India but can go very well with South African dishes as well. 

Ajwain Seeds

Ajwain seeds are extremely pungent fruit of the annual ajwain plant, which are commonly referred to as seeds. Ajwain seeds are used widely across the Indian subcontinent in a variety of dishes as a whole spice.

The spice has a thyme-like flavor but higher pungency. Ajwain seeds best complement high start or fat dishes with their sharp and pungent aroma.

Ginger Powder

Ginger is considered a superfood because of its potent medicinal properties. For this reason, ginger has been a prominent medicine in traditional Indian and Chinese therapeutic practices.

It has also been used as a spice to enhance the flavor. Meat is a perfect cuisine to use this little spicy and slightly sweet spice.

Dried ginger powder is a great substitute for a fresh one. And it is also more potent than fresh ginger root. Adding ginger powder to your food can help you bring a refreshing flavor.

Clove Powder

Cloves are dry flower buds from the Syzygium aromaticum plant. It has a subtly sweet taste that brings warmth to any dish. Clove is the most common ingredient in garam masala, an Indian spice mix made with ground spices.

Apart from powder form, you can also use whole clove buds at the beginning of cooking. But don’t forget to remove them when eating. Otherwise, the astringency will ruin the whole devouring experience.

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