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Advantages of purchasing herbs and spices in bulk

Bulk buying benefits in many ways, especially in the case of spices and herbs. Spices are an integral part of our food, and buying them in bulk gives you an abundance of supplies. And, unlike other food items, spices last much longer when stored with proper care.

And with the bulk buying and storing, you can stock up on spices and herbs for a year or two, eliminating the need to purchase expensive spices every month. And we need spices to make our dishes flavorsome, don’t we? For any cuisine, spices are the most essential ingredient that infuses flavorful taste to them.

We have been seasoning our savories with numerous spices for ages. However, the kitchen is not the only place we have used spices. Due to the multiple health-uplifting and disease-alleviating properties, spices and herbs have been an influential part of traditional medicinal practices.

To list a few, we have given here how spices and herbs can be used, apart from their conventional usage. Before we venture into the list, let us clarify that the listed usages were traditionally followed by people. We do not claim they are scientifically proven. And neither claim they are 100% effective. So, try these remedies as an experiment.

How herbs and spices can be used apart from culinary purposes

Curing ailments with home remedies

This is the most common usage of spices besides cooking. Herbs and spices have been traditionally used as medicine in ancient medicinal practices. One of the oldest medical practices – Ayurveda – mentions various recipes of potions and powders that use spices as ingredients.

For example, turmeric, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon, fennel, cardamom, and mustard were the most common ingredients in Ayurvedic medicines. They were used to cure many diseases and ailments like congestion, cold, cough, indigestion, and other gastrointestinal problems.

Making natural household products

Few people know that spices can also be used as other household products like pesticides and deodorizers. They can be great chemical-free options for these purposes. Black pepper, for example, can be used to get rid of insects and rodents. Its strong and pungent smell annoys these little creatures; hence, they don’t like being around it.

On the other hand, cardamom and cinnamon cast that beautiful aroma that makes your home delightfully fragrant. Not only can the spices be a safe, chemical-free option for these purposes, but they also save you money as you already have every ingredient you need in your home.

Benefits of buying bulk spices and herbs


Affordability is one of the many beneficial aspects of spices, we stored in bulk for a year sometimes at home. When you procure condiments in bulk, you can save up to 30% to 70%. Buying spices in bulk might seem an expensive option, as you are spending more money than your usual retail shopping. But when you calculate the expense per unit, you will notice the vast difference.

Moreover, when you choose online marketplaces to buy the spices, your job becomes pretty seamless. You can order any amount in just a few clicks or taps of your mobile phone. In this digital era, there is no need to experience the hassle of going to physical markets or wholesalers.


With increasing global warming and climate change, considering the eco-friendly aspect of our every action has become more critical than ever. When you buy spices in bulk, make an environmentally sustainable choice. As wholesale purchases require less packaging than retail purchases, you can prevent a significant amount of plastic wastage.

Smaller packing may require more plastic than bulk packaging. So, by choosing bulk buying, you can lessen your plastic usage. And as a result, you decrease the energy it takes to manufacture and transport plastic packaging and prevent landfill wastage, making our beautiful planet better for living.

Buy spices and herbs in bulk from Kitchenhutt

Buying spices and herbs has many benefits, including economic and environmental benefits. When you purchase from wholesale spices suppliers like Kitchen Hutt, you not only help sustain the environment but also buy authentic, unadulterated spices.

We always strive to provide our customers with high-quality and genuine herbs from around the world. And therefore, we make an extra effort to procure our range of spices directly from farmers.

To ensure the quality, we choose only those farmers who follow safe and healthy agricultural practices. We then process every herb with cutting-edge machinery.

And pack them with utmost hygienic care, so you get delivered with the highest-quality, fresh spices. To buy bulk spices online, visit our website and enquire today.

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