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Where To Purchase Wholesale Red Chilli Powder

Red chilli is one of the common ground spices in every kitchen worldwide. Chillies were native to Mexico, but now, they have reached every cuisine and culture. It is the most demanded spice in the world as being a main ingredient in various savoury dishes.

A significant portion of this demand is fulfilled by India with its highest-quality red chillies. And kitchenhutt brings these delicious chilli peppers to the South African market. If you are a food manufacturer or hospitality business owner looking for premium Indian red chilli powder wholesale, Kitchenhutt is the right source for you.

We are an eminent red chilli powder supplier offering high-quality ground chillies at the best competitive prices. Our red chilli powder entails a vast variety suited to every business requirement. Check out a range of red chilli powder types available at Kitchenhutt.

Types of Red Chilli Powder Available at Kitchenhutt

Teja red chilli powder

Rich red colour, fiery taste, and sharp peppery flavour describe a Teja red chilli powder. Teja or S17 is the hottest Indian red chilli variety with a Scoville rate of 50000 to 170000 SHU. It has a dark red colour with thick skin, and it is loved across the country and beyond borders as well.

Being one of the spiciest red chilli powders, Teja is a favourite variety among people who love setting their taste buds on fire. And therefore, it makes a perfect ingredient for spicy and savoury cuisines like Chinese, Mexican, Indian, and other Southeast Asian Dishes.

Tikhalal red chilli powder

Tikhalal, tikkal lal, or thillai’s red chilli powder, is a popular spice in India. Usually, it is a blend of two or more red chilli varieties Capsicum frutescens L. and Capsicum annum L, which gives this powder its iconic peppery taste and bright lustrous colour.

Our tikhalal red chilli powder is made with high-quality chilli peppers. These chillies are sourced directly from farmers of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, and Madhya Pradesh – Native regions for various Indian red chilli types. Moreover, our hygienic processing and packaging ensure you get the most flavourful Tikhalal red chilli powder to your doorstep.

Kashmiri red chilli powder

As the name suggests, Kashmiri red chilli powder is native to Kashmir. However, nowadays, it is widely grown in other Himalayan regions as well. Minor heat content and bright red colour is the unique characteristic of Kashmiri chilli powder. Due to its lower level of spiciness, it is more used to offer dishes a beautiful hue than heat.

Our Kashmiri red chilli powder is made of premium peppers handpicked by local farmers. Processed in cryogenic machinery, our Kashmiri red chilli powder retains its sweet peppery flavour and bright red colour for a longer time, adding a delicious taste and flavour to your dish.

Resam Kashmiri red chilli powder

Resham Kashmiri red chilli powder is a blend of two popular chilli varieties: Reshampatti and Kashmiri. Reshampatti is a great hottening agent used in Gujarati and Maharashtrian cuisines. It packs a perfect balance of heat and flavour, making it one of India’s most consumed red chilli varieties.

Resam Kashmiri red chilli powder combines Resampatti’s pungency and Kashmiri’s colour, making it a perfect spice for every savoury dish. This chilli powder imparts a bright red tinge and hot taste in food, pleasing visual and olfactory senses.

Kitchenhutt: a perfect place to buy wholesale red chilli powder

Kitchenhutt brings these flavourful chilli powders to your doorstep. Our wholesale red chilli powder is made of top-class chilli peppers sourced directly from Indian farmers. We care for our customer’s health and therefore walk the extra mile to choose the safest chillies grown naturally without harmful pesticides and fertilisers.

Moreover, our hygienic, contactless processing and packaging ensure you get the safest and most flavourful ground spice. Our stringent quality assurance and fastest delivery make us one of the leading rec chilli powder wholesalers in South Africa. Visit our website and learn more about us or want contact details for order booking.

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