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Where Can I Purchase Wholesale Cumin Seeds

Whether you are a food products manufacturer, retailer, or restaurant owner, Kitchenhutt is your spice partner for your wholesale cumin seed needs. We deliver the freshest whole cumins sourced directly from Indian farmers. As a leading spice wholesaler in South Africa, we strive to provide the highest quality spices to our customers.

We are known for our uncompromising quality standards, and we walk the extra mile to ensure that. Buying spices online could be a challenging task, especially if it is your first time. To help you out with that, we have created this small guide on how to buy and store wholesale cumin seeds. Take a look.

How to buy and store bulk cumin seeds

Buying tips for wholesale cumin seeds

Buying cumin seeds in bulk can be a daunting task, especially, when it is the first time you are approaching the spice wholesaler. To ease your job, we have enlisted some tips on buying wholesale cumin seeds.

  • Find the right spice supplier that can meet your requirements. You can check out online business listing sites or search on Google.
  • Prioritise companies that are nearest to you. This will help you save on shipping expenses and you will receive your order much faster.
  • Consider checking reviews from their customers. You can also contact their clients and ask them directly.
  • Find out how long they have been in the business, how diverse their offering is, what is the minimum order quantity, and whether they offer any discount for large volume purchases.
  • Also, know what is the source of their cumin seeds. The location makes a significant impact on the quality of your spice.
  • Ask them how long it will take your order to arrive, how much the delivery charges will be, and whether you will be able to take your orders or not.

Storing tips for wholesale cumin seeds

Spices have vulnerable essential oils, which evaporate over time. If not stored properly, this evaporation process happens quickly, which may result in spices like cumin seeds going stale in a short period after purchase. To prevent that, here are some tips you should follow to store your wholesale cumin seeds.

  • Choose an airtight storage container. Metal containers are ideal as they don’t leave smells like plastic ones and are completely opaque.
  • Make sure it is clean before putting your bulk cumin seeds in. Disinfect it by washing it with soap and keeping it under the sun to soak all the moisture.
  • Wipe the container with a clean cloth piece before storing the spices.
  • Make sure it is stored in an area with low moisture, light, and heat, as these factors can deteriorate your spice’s quality.


The tips given here will help you find the right spice wholesaler and store your spices safely for a longer period. However, you can cut through the hassle of finding a spice supplier by purchasing your wholesale cumin seeds from Kitchenhutt. As a prominent spice wholesaler in South Africa, we assure you to offer the highest quality spices at the best competitive rates. Browse our website to learn more and order your cumin seeds today!

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