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Top Herbs & Spices That Will Keep You Cool This Summer

Summers are harsh and very much arid in South Africa. It often brings various health issues like indigestion, lower energy level, nausea, vomiting, apatite loss, rashes, heat strokes, and so on. However, you can keep your health safe and sound, untouched by summer, if you have a kitchen cabinet filled with some spices and herbs.

Those little containers containing whole and ground spices can be a great remedy to keep summer impacts at bay. Read on to learn the top herbs and spices that will help you keep cool and free of diseases during this scorching summer season.

Herbs & Spices You Should Eat in Summer


This humble spice not only aromatizes our sweet and savory cuisines but also offers many health benefits. Cardamom has special compounds that detoxify the body and reduce heat. It also supports digestion and fights nausea and heartburn, which further aids in cooling down your body.

Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds are good for bloating caused by gastric problems. In addition, it has detoxifying properties that can help eliminate chemicals and toxins from your body.

According to nutritionists, consuming cumin water will keep your body and digestive system on track, making you feel refreshed and lighter on hot summer days.


Both coriander leaves and seeds have cooling properties that make you cool within. In addition, coriander has diaphoretic properties that promote perspiration and help reduce body temperature.

Adding coriander powder and fresh coriander leaves to your food can help you fight inflammation and soothe the digestive system.

Fenugreek Seeds

Excess heat in summer often causes flatulence. Fenugreek seeds are considered a great remedy to fight off flatulence and keep your gastrointestinal system healthy.

Moreover, since it also has cooling properties, drinking fenugreek water first in the morning will keep your body temperature low, keeping many summer-related ailments at bay.

Fenugreek seeds can be used as a whole spice or ground into thin powder. Soak a teaspoon of seeds or powder in water and drink this in the morning.


Contrary to popular belief, ginger can also be consumed in summer. The higher environmental temperature often increases the chances of oxidative stress, which makes our body produce free radicals.

So, on those heating days, your body needs spices like ginger that can combat oxidative stress and keep your body healthy.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seed is another cooking spice that should be added to your diet in summer. Indigestion often causes body heat and heartburn.

Fennel seeds help produce digestive juices that break down food and promote easy digestion, resulting in reduced heartburn and discomfort that it gives along.

Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are one of the prominent cooling herbs. It has many benefits like curing indigestion, reducing heartburn, keeping body temperature low, relieving chest aches, and lightening sunburn skin. All these properties make mint a great ingredient for summer drinks such as lemonades and mojitos.

To Sum Up

These are some prominent spices you can add to your diet and fight various ailments and scorching heat this summer. If you want to buy bulk herbs and spices from the list, Kitchenhutt is the place for you.

We are a leading spice supplier in South Africa that provides the freshest spices and herbs across the country. Check out our website to learn more and order your fresh batch of spices.

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