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Things You Should Ask Before Buying Whole Spices

Whole spices comparatively have more shelf life than ground ones. This is why more people prefer buying whole spices from bulk spice suppliers. Whole spices, as they are not broken down, securely prevent essential oils from evaporating. However, whole spices come with the hassle of grinding them by yourself, but if you have enough time at home, this hassle is worth going through to get the most flavourful condiment.

If you are new to buying whole spices, you need to understand a few things beforehand to make better purchasing decisions. Below are some questions that you should ask yourself before you venture into buying whole spices.

What spices do I need?

Determining your needs is the foremost consideration you should take. What are your basic daily requirements? Which spices do you often use that need to be there in your kitchen pantry? We usually don’t use each and every spice in our regular cooking. And key ones are sufficient to make our food flavourful. So there is no need to buy every spice you see in the catalog.

You should observe what spices you use daily and in how much quantity. Make a list of them, as it will fasten your buying process. Determining the whole spices’ quantity might not be straightforward through ground spices. In this case, opt for a slightly higher quantity of whole spices than the powdered spices you used to buy.

Where should I buy my spices from?

When buying spices, keep away from grocery stores. They may have been there for quite a while, and before that, they might have spent significant time in the warehouse. All this while, there is a high chance they might have loosened their potency. Therefore, it is better to buy whole spices from bulk suppliers.

As the source of your spices varies vastly in quality, you should give thorough thought and research to decide which are the best bulk spice suppliers you should go for. To choose the right supplier for your whole spices, you need to consider many factors. Check out their website to know their business. You should be able to find where they source their spices and what prices they offer. Moreover, compare the prices with other suppliers to make a better decision.

How to correctly store my spices after buying them?

With bulk spices comes the major hassle of storing them properly to keep their quality intact. Though whole spices do not lose their flavor as speedily as their powdered counterpart, they are still prone to go bland. Air, light, moisture, and heat are major reasons for oxidation, a process where spices lose their color, taste, and aroma.

So, when storing spices, ensure these factors don’t affect them. Store your whole spices in an airtight container, possibly in a metal or plastic one which doesn’t allow air or moisture to seep in. Keep the container in a cool and dark place, as heat and light can also contribute to the oxidation of spices.

What should I look for when buying spices?

One of the first things you should take into consideration when buying whole spices is their expiry date. Generally, whole spices can last up to 2-3 years if they are stored properly. But if the expiry date of the bulk spices you are going to buy is near, you should not buy them.

Consuming stale spices doesn’t harm in a way that other food items do, but you may not achieve the desired flavor with the same quantity as fresh ones. So, checking for expiry dates is important. Moreover, you would also want to check the packaging. Sealed packaging is good over loose packaging in a sack. 

Bottom Line

These are some of the questions you should ask before buying whole spices. This helps you make better purchasing decisions and procure quality spices as well as retain them. If you want to know about buying spices or want to buy bulk spices in South Africa, Kitchenhutt is at your service.

We are a prominent bulk Indian spices supplier in South Africa, delivering the freshest whole and ground spices to your doorstep. Contact us to learn more about our spices, and order your batch today.

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