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Shake Up Your Cuisine Using Bulk Herbs and Spices

Now that everything is coming to normal after the pandemic, catering businesses are back on track with a new level of energy and liveliness. However, at these uncertain times, restaurants and eateries must ensure they go to an extreme edge with their food and drinks menus to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Buying bulk herbs and spices can help you achieve that authentic taste in your dishes, offering something unique and exciting to your customers after a rather bland year. Modern food businesses demand bulk spices and herbs as they meet the evergreen supply of taste and flavour.

Authentic Flavours

Culinary businesses have expanded a lot over the years. On top of that, this long pandemic compelled eateries to shut down and keep foodies away from their favourite restaurants. As everything is slowly going normal, now the competition will be throat-cutting, and there’s only one thing that helps – authentic flavour.

There are thousands of restaurants serving the same dish as yours. And only authentic flavour from authentic spices can set you apart from those. So, procure your bulk spices from genuine and renowned suppliers.

Making Food Taste Better

A truly mesmerizing and tasty food compels customers to return to the restaurant repeatedly. As spices and herbs are the soul of any cuisine, you want to make sure you use them of high quality to make your dishes delicious.

Why Should You Buy Bulk Herbs and Spices?

Buying bulk herbs and spices are extremely essential in food businesses. Not only is it a cost-effective choice, but it also ensures you have a large supply of spices to flavor your dishes. Businesses associated with food, such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, and roadside vendors, also need bulk spices.

Buying bulk spices helps every food business meet their demand. Moreover, buying wholesale spices from suppliers like Kitchenhutt assures you the taste of quality herbs in your dishes, as we procure, process, package, and provide your spices with utmost care and following great quality standards.

Must-Have Spices

If you are new to bulk buying spices and herbs, here are some essential spices you would want to invest in to give your dishes a zing of flavour:

Chilli Powder:

It is the foundational spice in every cuisine and gives a spicy taste.


Cumin is another common spice used in everyday cooking.


Coriander seeds and powder give dishes a nice aromatic, citrusy flavour.


Always in powder form, turmeric gives dishes a bright, radiating yellow colour.

All Spice Powder:

Also known as garam masala in India, all spice powder includes all common spices blended together.

Italian seasoning:

A mix of oregano, thyme, parsley, sweet basil, marjoram, sage, etc., goes in every Italian dish.

Buy Wholesale Spices

If you want your restaurant to stand apart with authentic spices and herbs, Kitchenhutt is here to help. We are a leading bulk spices supplier in South Africa, providing small eateries to five-star hotels with all the spices they need. We help you meet your culinary needs most cost-effectively and rapidly. Contact us for more information or order your batch of spices.


For how long I can store bulk spices and herbs?

Generally, whole spices can stay fresh for about four years, given that you store them in an airtight container away from heat, light, and moisture. The same applies to ground spices. Likewise, spice powders and dried herbs can last up to 3-4 years if stored well.

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