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How To Choose The Right Drawer Extension

When you go to buy bulk drawer channels wholesale, you have to consider numerous factors, one of them being the drawer extension. Finding the right drawer extension is an essential thing to take into account, as it will support your items, provide smooth performance, and prolong the life of your furniture.

However, selecting drawer slides can be daunting, especially when one doesn’t know how many types of drawer slider extensions there are and which one can suit their needs.

In this article, we have thoroughly discussed different types of extensions available in the market and which one to opt for specific applications. But first, let us quickly guide you through what exactly is drawer slider extension.

What is a drawer slide extension?

Drawer extension or development is the length of the moving part of the drawer slide. It refers to how much the sliding member extends from its cabinet opening. Drawer slide extension is a critical consideration when choosing the right telescoping channel for your needs.

Different drawer slide extensions are designed to cater to different needs. And selecting the right one is vital as it ensures the accessibility and load capacity of your drawer. Ahead, we will explore different types of slide extensions and which one to choose for which application.

Different types of drawer slide extensions

¾ extension drawer slides

The ¾ extension drawer slides come with two beams. In this extension, the drawer will slide out three-quarters of the slide’s length. The remaining drawer slide will remain inside the cabinet.

So, the drawers with this extension feature won’t open fully. And the back of the drawer will always be hidden under the cabinet. However, you will be able to easily access the things stored inside.

This type of drawer slide is economical and suitable for various applications. Usually, centre mount and side mount drawers have this extension. Since these are made for lightweight applications, these drawer slides are ideal for desk drawers, keyboard slides, vending machines, industrial machinery, etc.

Full extension drawer slides

Full extension slides feature three ball-bearing beams, which offer 100% extension of their folded length. Apart from attachment parts for drawer and cabinet openings, these channels include an intermediate beam part that provides an additional extension.

So this means full extension slides allow drawers to open all the way to their edge. These slide types offer more accessibility but become less stable as they retain great weight. So, it is a good idea to verify the load capacity of the drawer to avoid overloading.

Full extension drawers are recommended for drawers meant for lightweight storage purposes, like storing documents, as they make it easier to see and reach everything that is stored.

Over travel drawer slides

Over travel drawers, slides are the most extensive slides among every type. They feature four ball-bearing, including two intermediate ones, which provide 150% of extension.

They allow the drawer to extend well beyond the front of the cabinet, offering great accessibility to the content. This makes them a good choice for storing containers with lids as it will help the cover to be fully lifted without taking the container out.

Over travel extension drawer slides can be perfect for opening a battery tray, payment systems, lifting and maintenance assistance, telescopic ramp for operator passage, electronic cabinet racks, and more.


Drawer slide extensions refer to the extendibility of your drawer. There are numerous options available for the slider, which makes finding the right one a little hassle. We hope this article helped you select the right drawer slide extensions for your needs.

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