About Us

About Kitchenhutt

Kitchenhutt is among the top suppliers of Indian spices, hardware products, and kitchenware items. This unique amalgamation of home products is created to meet the increased demand of the South African customer base.

The company is a result of a constant ideation process for finding a solution to fill the gap with surged demand and quality products such as Indian spices, bathroom hardware, and kitchenware products.

The kitchen strives to meet the demand of today’s customer base by providing premium products at affordable prices. The company has been in service since 2022 and has been flourishing.

We have been the most sought-after option for restaurants, hotels, retailers, hospitality businesses, cargo shipment companies, and various other businesses spanning diverse industry vertices for our premium quality products.


Leading wholesaler of Indian spices, hardware products, and kitchenware items

Kitchenhutt is created to meet the demanding market of South Africa. Our product categories entail ever-demanded daily-use culinary products like whole spices, ground spices, and ready-to-use spice mixes. As quality has always been our prime consideration, we ensure you get these culinary products unadulterated and with their finest flavors delivered directly to your doorsteps.

We also address the demand for premium hardware tools and products. We are one of the largest wholesalers of bathroom accessories, faucets, drawer channels, and various packaging goods such as bubble wraps, BOPP tape, box straps, garbage bags, etc. Besides this, we also indulge in bulk supplies of various kitchen tools and accessories. All these things have made us among the top wholesalers in a short time span, and our strong vision and mission have been great motivators for us.



Our mission is to fill the gap and meet customers’ demand for authentic and premium products in South Africa. At the same time, making these products available at the best, affordable prices possible.


We aim to become a brand synonymous with trust and quality as we strive to offer the highest quality Indian spices, bathroom hardware accessories, and kitchenware products online.


Why Choose Us?

World-Class Quality

We are proud of our quality products. Whether it is spices, bathware, or kitchen tools, we always strive to offer authentic and standard quality items. And for that, we go the extra mile to find reliable manufacturers with assured quality records.

Affordable Prices

One of the reasons why customers choose us over competitors is the affordable prices. We keep our profit margins to the lowest to provide our customers with quality products at a much lower rate than the market.

Variety of Products

Our vast catalog features a complete range of Indian spices, bathroom hardware, and kitchenware products, enabling you to get everything that you need at the same place.

Genuine Products

Providing our customers with genuine products is what Kitchenhutt is missioner for. Therefore, we keep our standards high by picking only authentic product manufacturers.

Timely Delivery

We strive to deliver your order within the given time range, no matter which part of South Africa you are requesting from.