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5 Indian Spice Blends For Delicious Meat Dishes | Kitchenhutt

Ask any average Indian cuisine epicure about their favourite dish; almost everyone will name butter chicken. This iconic chicken dish has received so much love and praise around the world for its rich, delicious taste and enticing aroma. And the secret to its hard-to-resist flavour comes from its unique blended spice powder made with various flavourful Indian spices.

Spice blends like butter chicken masala or Biryani masala are the heart and soul of every Indian non-vegetarian dish. Invented by Khansamas or cooks of Mughal palaces, these unique spice powders add zing and zest to the dish that delights your taste buds. And there is not just one or two. There are a whole array of Indian spice blends dedicated to non-vegetarian dishes.

If you are an Indian food enthusiast or run a restaurant where you want to offer Indian cuisine, you would love to know about these five Indian spice blends to create lip-smacking meat dishes in your kitchen.

Essential Indian blended spice powder for meat dishes

Butter chicken masala

Butter chicken or murgh makhani is a traditional Mughalai dish popular in North India. The recipe is packed with rich flavours and noshed across the globe for its smooth, creamy gravy and tender and juicy chicken pieces. Its bright colour and enticing aroma come from an eponymous spice blend called butter chicken masala. This unique mix includes a precise amount of various Indian spices like black pepper, cloves, cumin, cinnamon, dried ginger, smoked paprika, cumin, coriander, and more.

Biryani masala

Biryani comes from the Persian word Birian, which means fried before cooked. The name indicates its Persian origin, from where the Arab traders brought it to the Indian subcontinent. A favourite to many Indians and foreigners alike, Biryani is a popular rice dish where the grains are cooked with chicken or lamb meat in a layered manner. The unique blend of spices called Biryani masala effectively hides away gimmicky meat flavours while also infusing an alluring aroma to the rice.

Tandoori chicken masala

The earliest evidence of tandoori chicken dates back to the Harappan era when historians found something from the site’s ruins that looks like the recipe. But the popularity of its modern-day version dates to the late 1940s, and credit goes to Kundal Lal Gujral from Peshawar. Tandoori chicken is a smoked dish cooked in a tandoor or pit oven made of mud, hence the name. The delicious taste comes from tandoori chicken masala – a spice mix made of a variety of spices in the marinade.

Korma masala

The king of curries – Korma is a Mughlai dish believed to have originated in Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Iran. The Urdu word Korma, which translates to braise, refers to the cooking technique. The Korma recipes consist of meat or vegetables braised with yoghurt or cream, water or stock, and a unique spice blend called Korma masala that infuses delightful taste and appealing rich colour.

Haleem mix masala

Haleem is a popular stew recipe with meat, lentils, and wheat pounded into a thick paste. It is an Arabian dish made famous in India by Hyderabad Nizams. The meat is slowly cooked until it becomes tender. The pounding with lentils and wheat turns it into a thick paste-like curry with a buttery glazing texture. Aromatics like onion, ginger, garlic and a unique spice blend called Haleem masala add another layer to the dish that 

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