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Parameter Description
Botanical Name Cuminum cyminum
Origin India
Appearance Brownish yellow powder
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Conventional
Shelf life 3-4 Years
Serving size 1-2 Teaspoons
Category Spices
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  • How to Use Cumin Powder

    Cumin originated in Western Asia and has been in use since biblical times. Spice is commonly used both ways: dried whole seeds and powder. The dry seeds are primarily used to flavor various soups, curries, and rice. Ground cumin is often accompanied by coriander powder and used as blended masala.

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  • Cumin Powder Origins

    Cumin is native to Western Asia and spread across the world from here. Currently, India and Iran are major regions growing this common spice. However, other countries like Morocco, Egypt, Ukraine, Argentina, and Mexico cultivate cumin in significant amounts.

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