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SKU: kitch-gspk-003

Parameter Description
Botanical Name Syzygium Aromaticum
Origin Indonesia
Appearance Brown-Colored Powder
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Conventional
Shelf life 1-2 Years
Serving size 1-2 Teaspoon
Category Spices
  • Wholesale Clove Powder Distributor in South Africa

    Kitchenhutt supplies the bulk requirement of fresh quality clove powder to manufacturers, retailers, restaurants, and households of South Africa. Kitchenhutt is the online shop to buy wholesale clove powder and other ground spices.

  • How to Use Clove Powder

    Clove powder is a grounded clove that can be used to flavor hot soups, add a spicy taste to cookies and cakes, and season pot roasts. One teaspoon or two grams of clover powder contains enough vitamins, minerals, and fibers, providing you flavor with nutrition. As it contains many health-improving properties, it has a history of being used as a medicine in many regions.

  • Buy Bulk Cassia Powder Online

    Buying grounded spices like clove powder in good quality and reasonable prices can be a hassle in South Africa, but not when you choose Kitchenhutt. With us, you can buy bulk clove powder online and get it delivered at the threshold of your home. Our state-of-the-art grinding techniques and packaging ensures you get a premium quality, aromatic clove powder without any effort.

  • Cloves Origins

    Cloves are native to Indonesia. They are a staple spice in cuisines of various regions across the world, especially Asian regions. And as it contains many medicinal properties, this herb has also been used as one of the prominent medicine Ayurveda and other ancient medical practices.

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