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Parameter Description
Botanical Name Brassica Juncea
Origin China
Appearance Tiny Brown Seeds
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Conventional
Shelf life 3-4 Years
Serving size 1-2 Teaspoons
Category Spices
  • Wholesale Mustard Seed Provider in South Africa

    When it comes to buying bulk mustard seeds online in South Africa, no one can be paralleled with Kichenhutt’s quality and services. We are a leading spice partner providing authentic brown mustard seeds to homes and restaurants in South Africa.

  • How to Use Mustard Seed

    Brown mustard seeds are retrieved from the Brassica Juncea plant and share the same plant family as cabbage and turnip. The seeds contain oil, which is used in various regions in India to cook food. The seeds have a light, spicy smell similar to curry leaves. Mustard seeds are used in various Indian cuisines to give dishes an aromatic flavor. They are often fried in oil along with curry leaves to free their aromatic flavor.

  • Buy Bulk Mustard Seed Online

    Whether you want to purchase wholesale mustard seeds for your home, restaurant, or hotel business, Kitchenhutt is the most trusted place to buy bulk mustard seeds online. We have authentic quality brown mustard seeds cultivated in the nutrition-rich soil of India. Kitchenhutt is a certified mustard seeds provider in South Africa who exports quality seeds, spices, pulses, and kitchen masalas from India.

  • Brown Mustard Seed Origins

    Brown mustard seeds were indigenous to China and exported to India centuries ago. Since then, mustard seeds have become an essential ingredient in Indian cooking. They are usually fried with curry leaves and whole spices to bring out the flavor.

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