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Where To Buy Wholesale Drawer Slides

Drawer slides are an important part of any kitchen cabinet or office furniture. So finding the right one that suits your needs is essential. If you are looking for a hardware supplier to purchase wholesale drawer slides in South Africa, you have come to the right place.

Kitchenhutt is a leading wholesaler offering sturdy telescopic drawer channels at the best affordable rates. Constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel, our drawers are made with German technology to offer super smooth performance and long-lasting service.

Our expansive drawer slider collection entails various sizes, designs, types, weight ratings, and features, offering you a wide range to select from. If you are not sure which one you are looking for, here is a short guide on how to select the right drawer slide for your requirements.

How to select the right drawer slide

Mount type

One of the first things you would have to consider when selecting the telescopic drawer channel is its mount type. Drawer mount type refers to how your drawer will be attached to your cabinet.

Usually, you will find three mount types: side mount, under mount, and centre mount, which attach the drawer member to the cabinet by side, under both sides of the drawers, or at the centre of the drawer’s underside, respectively.

Extension length

Extension length means how much your drawer comes out when opened. Choosing an extension length depends on how you will use your drawer. If you want to store small items such as pens, stationery, or small accessories, ¾ extension is a good choice.

If you would store large items that would require you to open the drawer to its full extent, full-extension channels are your choice. Over travel drawer channels come out a few inches more than full-extension ones, making them ideal for kitchen counters that hang over the edge.

Weight rating

Weight rating refers to the load capacity of your drawer channel. Before selecting the drawer, you should be clear about how you will use it, and that should drive the decision of choosing the right weight rating.

If you are going to store office stationary or files, a lower load capacity drawer channels are sufficient. But if you want it for industrial use and put heavy items, consider going for a higher weight rating.

Slide length

Drawer slides come in varying lengths, from 7.8 inches to even more than three feet. So slide length is an important factor to consider when you choose your channel. If your drawer has an overly large front which covers the cabinet opening, you should measure the depth of the cabinet and subtract the width of your drawer front.

If the drawer has an inset or flush mount design, you will need to subtract the drawer front to get the right slide length for your drawer.

Motion features

Drawer slides also come with a range of motion features like soft close, self-close, or push-to-open. The soft-close feature adds dampening effects which close the drawer without slamming.

Self-closing slides pull the drawer all the way with a slight nudge. Another feature you want to look for is push-to-open, where drawers open up and come out automatically with a light push.

Buy Wholesale Drawer Slides Online

When it comes to buying wholesale drawer slides in South Africa, Kitchenhutt is an eminent choice for hardware retailers or furniture manufacturers. Featuring heavy-duty stainless steel construction and premium ball bearings, our drawer channels are praised for their enduring performance and super silent and smooth working.

The German technology plating ensures long-lasting and rust-free service for years. Visit our website to learn more about us and our drawer channels as well as other hardware products. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries or want a free consultation on choosing the right drawer channel for your requirements.

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