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Where Can I Purchase Premium Wholesale Bathroom Faucets

Faucets are an essential part of any bathroom, and they have the power to make or break your bath space’s appearance. Choosing the right one is essential, but the sheer number of marketplaces out there makes it a little bit daunting to decide where to buy bathroom faucets from.

It becomes more challenging when you want to buy bulk bath faucets online. It is obvious to hesitate to purchase such vital and expensive household accessories without assessing the quality.

But you don’t have to worry now. Kitchenhutt is here for your help. We are a leading wholesale hardware supplier in South Africa, offering premium wholesale bathroom faucets at competitive prices.

Whether you are a retailer or plumbing contractor, our collection of bath fittings entails everything you need to meet your client’s or customers’ requirements. Here, check out the types of bathroom faucets we offer at Kitchenhutt.

Types of bathroom faucets at Kitchenhutt

Wall mount mixers

Wall mount mixers are single-unit bathroom faucets, including a water outlet, tap levers for hot and cold water, and sometimes a hand-held shower. The mixer set is designed to be fitted on the wall. Our wall mount mixers come in a wide range of designs that gives your bathroom an aesthetic touch and glamour.

Swan neck cocks

Swan neck cocks, as their name suggests, feature a swan-like or curved neck that is not only beautiful in appearance but provides functional use as well. Their unique bent design achieves an optimum water flow. Swan neck cocks are designed for washbasins and kitchen sinks.

Sink mixers

Sink mixers or basin mixers combine two levers with a single spout to flow hot and cold water. Like swan-neck cocks, it is mostly suitable for bathroom sinks or kitchen basins. At Kitchenhutt, we have a wide range of sink mixers in various shapes and sizes that meet all your unique requirements.

Pillar Cocks

Pillar cocks are one of the most traditional types of faucets for wash basins. They have long bodies and extended spouts, hence the name. Like sink mixers, pillar cocks are directly attached to the sink rather than the wall. However, they don’t usually have two separate levers. Moreover, they feature straight horizontal spouts rather than bending or downward form.

Bib cocks

Bib cocks are wall-mounted taps with an attached lever designed for either inside or outside use. Cocks created for inside use are mostly employed for the main water outlet in the bathroom rather than for the sink. Our collection of bib cocks involves innovative designs that add a subtle yet powerful statement to your bathroom decor. Moreover, they ensure prolonged style with their sturdy build and premium rust-proof material.

Stop cocks

Stock cocks are a type of bathroom fitting usually attached to the bathroom wall. These taps work as separate water outlets and flow regulators for bib cocks. At Kitchenhutt, we have a vast selection of stop cocks built with premium brass and stainless steel. Their corrosion and rust-resistant structure comes coated with a premium coating that ensures smooth and shiny surfaces for longer.

Flush Cocks

Flush cocks are similar to stop cocks, but instead of regulating the water flow, they release a large volume of water when activated. Their design consists of a brass concealing body and stainless steel tap lever. Usually employed for toilets, flush cocks are usually installed in the bathroom wall and attached to pipes that supply water.

Buy Bulk Bathroom Faucets Online in South Africa

Being a prominent wholesale bathroom faucet supplier in South Africa, we have a vast selection of bath fittings for all your requirements. Our faucets and fixtures entail the latest and modern designs that enhance your bath space’s aesthetic and appeal.

Moreover, we source our products from industry leaders, so you can be assured of the quality of our fittings. Constructed with sturdy metal, our fixtures ensure smooth and rust-free enduring performance for years to come. For more details, visit our website and explore our vast wholesale bathroom faucet selection today!

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