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Where Can I Buy Coriander In Bulk

Sweet, citrusy, and floral are what could describe the delicious coriander seeds. A pinch of coriander powder can instantly enhance the delectability of any dish. Whether you are a culinary expert looking for quality coriander seeds for your home or you are a business owner looking to provide your customers with flavourful coriander seeds grown in India, Kitchenhutt is your place to buy coriander seeds in bulk.

We are a leading wholesale spice supplier, serving diverse clients with premium coriander seeds. From cooking to medicinal and religious practices, coriander seeds has many use cases. Learn here some of the many applications of coriander.

Many applications of coriander

Coriander as a spice

Coriander seeds is a well-known spice and herb used across the globe. It comes from the Coriandrum sativum plant, which is completely edible, including its seeds and leaves.

Dried coriander seeds are a popular culinary aromatising ingredient. They have sweet floral and nutty flavours, which can instantly zing up any dish. However, whole seeds are less common than grounded ones, as the former has an unpleasant bite.

Ground coriander powder is the most common form for using this spice. It can be seasoned on your salads or soups or cooked with curries and stir-fries. However, it best works with cumin powder, as its pungent, nutty notes complement coriander’s sweet, citrusy aroma.

Coriander as a medicine

Besides its culinary use cases, whole coriander is a praised herbal medicine in many cultures. In Ayurveda, it is revered as a cooling agent, which can help cure burning sensations. It also helps with vomiting, nausea, cough, cold, and gastrointestinal issues. Many recent studies have also revealed coriander’s potency in alleviating various ailments.

Coriander seeds lowers blood sugar levels and blood cholesterol and keeps the heart healthy. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, and anticancer properties. Packed with many vitamins and minerals, it boosts immunity and keeps many diseases at bay.

Coriander for ritualistic purposes

Whole coriander has a significant place in ritualistic activities. In India, it is revered as a bringer of prosperity and good fortune. And it is often used in Diwali worshipping rituals. It is also used in matrimonial practices, and consumed with jaggery to celebrate the new relationship.

In some other cultures, it is also used for exorcism and to drive away demons. It is believed to increase mental clarity and strengthen the third eye chakra. There are many ritualistic applications of both coriander seeds and leaves as they are prevalent plants around the world.

Purchase Wholesale Coriander From Kitchenhutt

Kitchenhutt is your go-to place for buying premium bulk coriander seeds online. We are South Africa’s prominent wholesale spice supplier, offering the most flavourful and aromatic coriander seeds across the country. Grown in the rich soil of India, our seeds are a perfect balance of complete nutritional benefits and delicious, enticing flavours.

We directly source our seeds from Indian farmers, which allows us to offer them at the best affordable prices. And this makes us one of the most sought-after wholesale spice suppliers in South Africa. Visit our website to know more and order premium whole coriander seeds in bulk.

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