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SKU: kitch-plsk-019

Parameter Description
Botanical Name Lathyrus aphaca
Origin India
Appearance Pale yellow or beige sphere
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Conventional
Shelf life 2 -3 Years
Serving size 1 Cup or as required
Category Pulses
  • Wholesale Yellow & Green Peas Distributor in South Africa

    Kitchenhutt, a prominent pulse and legumes wholesale supplier in South Africa, provides you with superior quality whole yellow peas farmed in India. Whether you are a retail business, hospitality business, eatery, or household, we are here to fulfil all your culinary requirements with our protein-rich dried whole yellow peas.

  • How to Use Yellow Whole Peas

    Peas have been a prominent ingredient and food item since ancient times. Originated in the Middle East, this legume has been widely used in various dishes, either as a main ingredient or a supplement that enhances the taste. Dried whole yellow peas have a mild and slightly sweet taste. You can use this legume to make curries, salads, soups, dips, and gravies.

  • Buy Bulk Whole Yellow Peas Online

    If you are an enterprise or individual engaged in the eatery business and want to buy bulk whole dried yellow peas online, Kitchenhutt is an excellent option for you. We are a leading supplier of pulses and spices in South Africa. And therefore, provide South African eatery businesses, retailers, and households with premium quality dried whole yellow peas at affordable prices. Moreover, our fastest home delivery service ensures you get the fresh products in a snap. So, visit the Kitchenhutt site and book your order now.

  • Peas Origins

    Yellow peas are native to the Middle East and spread across all Mediterranean regions and India, and China. Legume has been used in the kitchen since 10000 BCE and is a staple ingredient in many areas.

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