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Parameter Description
Botanical Name Lathyrus aphaca
Origin India
Appearance Pale yellow or beige lentil
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Conventional
Shelf life 2 -3 Years
Serving size 1 Cup or as required
Category Pulses
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    Buy best quality yellow split peas in bulk from Kitchenhutt. We provide bulk yellow split beans to various businesses, from manufacturers to hotels and retailers. Moreover, we are a leading distributor of various pulses, whole spices, ground spices, and blended spice powders in bulk in South Africa.

  • How to Use Yellow Split Peas

    The yellow variation of peas is slightly less popular than its green counterpart, but it tastes the same. Rich in nutrients, yellow peas are used to prepare various kinds of dishes like soups, salads, curries, and other savouries. In addition, yellow split peas are a great source of minerals like calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, copper, iron, B vitamins, and folic acids.

  • Buy Bulk Yellow Split Peas Online

    Kitchenhutt is an established wholesale supplier of yellow split peas in bulk. We take pride in our highest-quality, nutrient-rich yellow peas and other pulses. Our Grade-A level yellow split peas undergo various quality checking processes before they come to your plate. And therefore, we are one of the most sought-after wholesalers of yellow peas and other pulses as well as spices. So buy premium quality yellow split peas now and gorge your appetite on various savouries.

  • Yellow Split Peas Origins

    Although peas are native to the Middle East, they are among common crops worldwide. They are stapled crops in various world regions, including Europe, North Africa, South America, India, and China.

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