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Parameter Description
Botanical Name Cajanus cajan
Origin India
Appearance Tan or beige colour beans
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Conventional
Shelf life 2-3 Years
Serving size 1 Cup or as required
Category Pulses
  • Leading Split Pigeon Peas Wholesaler in South Africa

    If you are a grocery retailer, hospitality business, or manufacturer looking for premium-quality split pigeon peas, your search ends here. Here at Kitchenhutt, we offer A-grade split pigeon peas cultivated and exported directly from India. Send us an enquiry to know more about our wholesale split pigeon peas.

  • How to Use Split Pigeon Peas

    Split pigeon pea is one of the staple lentils throughout India. You can find a variety of spicy and savoury dishes made with this highly nutritious lentil. Generally, it is used to create lentil soup called daal, which is usually eaten with rice. You can also make spicy porridge served with roti or Indian flatbread. Apart from this, split pigeon peas are also used to make crunchy fritters and consumed along with sweet, tangy, and spicy dips called chutneys. In India, the ways of using this protein-rich lentil are endless.

  • Buy Bulk Split Pigeon Peas Online

    Purchase premium quality pigeon peas online at wholesale rates. Kitchenhutt is a leading supplier of bulk split pigeon peas throughout South Africa. We import quality beans and lentils directly from profitable Indian farmers who follow safe agricultural practices. Our in-house processors, hygienic packaging facilities, and fastest delivery services ensure you receive the freshest and most flavourful food items right to your doorstep without hassle.

  • Pigeon Peas Origin

    India is considered the originating place for pigeon peas. The country is also the largest producer and consumer of lentils. Pigeon peas are a staple lentil consumed in almost every part of India. 

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