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SKU: kitch-plsk-003

Parameter Description
Botanical Name Vigna Radiata
Origin India
Appearance Splitted beans with green peel
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Conventional
Shelf life 12 Months
Serving size 1 cup or as required
Category Pulses
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  • How to Use Split Green Gram Beans

    Green gram, also known as mung beans, is a popular pulse in India. The split version is usually used to create various lentil soups and porridges. The most common dish of split green gram is Khichdi, a porridge made with rice and sometimes various veggies. Khichdi is a staple dish throughout India. But apart from this, you can also make various savoury and sweet delicacies with moong dal.

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  • Split Green Gram Origin

    Moong dal is native to Eastern India and Myanmar region. This warm-season legume is widely grown in India. However, it is also cultivated in several other countries in Asia, Africa, and South America.

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