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SKU: kitch-plsk-006

Parameter Description
Botanical Name Cicer arietinum
Origin India
Appearance Yellow hemi-sphere shape lentil
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Conventional
Shelf life 6-12 Months
Serving size 1 cup or as required
Category Pulses
  • Wholesale Chickpeas Split Distributor in South Africa

    When in need of bulk split chickpeas lentils, turn to Kitchenhutt to buy the highest quality split chickpea at the best affordable prices. We are one of the leading wholesale spices and pulses suppliers in South Africa, offering more than a hundred arable products cultivated in the fertile land of India.

  • How to Use Chickpeas Split?

    Chickpeas is a common ingredient in Arabian and Indian dishes. Hummus and falafel are popular middle-eastern dishes made from chickpeas paste and flour. Besides this, the Chickpeas split is widely used in India in dishes like lentils, soups, porridges, Dahls, fritters, flatbreads, sweeteries, and various types of snacks. Chickpeas are one of the greatest sources of plant-based protein. So, it makes the best vegan alternative to meat-based protein.

  • Buy Bulk Chickpeas Split Online

    We complete the supply chain of Chickpeas split lentils for restaurants, hospitality businesses, food item producers, and retailers of South Africa. We offer the highest-quality, nutrient-rich, Chickpeas splits cultivated and exported in India. We are unwavering on the quality of our products and therefore acquire directly from the farmers who follow healthy and safe agricultural practices. So that our customers receive the best quality lentil at affordable prices.

  • Chickpeas Origins

    Chickpeas were first domesticated and cultivated in the Middle East and became a popular pulse across the world. Currently, India is the major producer of chickpeas, with around 70% of the global share.

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