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SKU: kitch-plsk-005

Parameter Description
Botanical Name Cicer arietinum
Origin India
Appearance brown wrinkly pea
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Conventional
Shelf life 6-12 Months
Serving size 1 Cup or as required
Category Pulses
  • Wholesale Brown Chickpeas Seeds Distributor in South Africa

    When it comes to buying quality brown chickpeas in South Africa, Kitchenhutt is an unparalleled platform. Kitchenhutt is a prominent online platform for buying bulk chickpeas seeds at the best wholesale prices in South Africa. We provide superior quality chickpeas seeds cultivated and exported directly from Indian farms.

  • How to Use Chickpeas Seeds

    Chickpeas originated in regions of the Middle East, around Turkey and Syria. Currently, India is the top producer of Chickpeas, with 70% of the global market share. The legume is a staple in Middle-eastern cuisines and is used in dishes like Hummus or Falafel. Brown Chickpea is also common in Indian cuisine and has been used to prepare various delicacies like curries, salads, soups, and sweet dishes.

  • Buy Bulk Chickpeas Seeds Online

    Whether you are a restaurant, hospitality business, retailer, or manufacturer, if you require brown chickpeas seeds in bulk, Kitchenhutt is here for you. We are a prominent B2B wholesale supplier of chickpeas and various other pulses and spices in South Africa. Our highest quality chickpeas seeds, hygienic packaging, and prompt delivery ensure our clients receive a fresh batch of chickpeas from serving their customers.

  • Chickpeas Origins

    ChickPeas are indigenous to the Middle East and later have grown in other parts of the world. This common vegetable is widely grown in various regions, including Europe, North Africa, South America, the Indian subcontinent, and China.

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