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SKU: kitch-plsk-003

Parameter Description
Botanical Name Vigna Mungo
Origin India
Appearance Black beans
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Conventional
Shelf life 12-15 Months
Serving size As per require
Category Pulses
  • Wholesale Black Gram Provisioner in South Africa

    Being a premier supplier of pulses and spices, we offer protein-rich, highly nutritional black grams. Our high-quality black grams are hand-picked from Indian farmers who follow safe agricultural practices. Buy naturally grown black grams in bulk and complete your nutritional intake.

  • How to Use Black Gram

    Black gram, also known as Urad in Hindi, is indigenous to India and other South Asian countries. This pulse is revered in Ayurveda – Indian traditional medicinal practices for its many health beneficiary properties. Recent studies show that black gram is high in proteins and fibre, so those who want to gain weight should add this to their diet. The black gram is generally used for cooking lentil porridges, soups, and other spicy dishes.

  • Buy Bulk Black Gram Online

    Find here the highest-quality black gram and buy at the best wholesale prices. We bring you quality black grams packed with high content of nutrition. Our quality experts obtain this pulse from Indian farmers who follow safe and healthy farming practices. We then clean, process, and pack the beans taking utmost hygienic care. In addition to this, our fastest delivery of black gram also makes sure you get your pulse delivered in no time and with the highest quality.

  • Black Gram Origins

    Black grams have been cultivated in the Indian subcontinent from ancient times. It is renowned for its high protein content and many vitamins and minerals. Buying black grams online from Kitchenhutt and adding them to your diet would benefit you in many ways.

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