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SKU: kitch-ispk-015

Parameter Description
Origin India
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Conventional
Shelf life 1-2 Years
Serving size 2 Teaspoon
Category Blend Masala
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  • How to Use Tikka Botti Masala

    Tikka Botti masala is sprinkled to add an extra flavour and aroma to your non-veg recipes. For achieving delicious taste into various non-veg dishes like chicken BBQ, beef tikka Botti, chicken Tikka Botti, and more.

    You have to mix this blended masala into a half-cup of water, garlic, and two teaspoons of oil. Afterwards, apply it to meat and leave to marinate for three to four hours. After some time, you will get a mouth-watering delicious taste of multiple non-veg recipes.

    However, this blend masala is prepared from the combination of whole or ground spices, herbs, seasoning items, and kitchen masalas. In addition, you can add or sprinkle this blend masala into recipes for getting your desired spiciness level.

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    A large collection of spices in the ground and whole form gets utilized to prepare Tikka Botti masala. It includes complex tasks, steps, and procedures that also take longer. So, to avoid difficulties and hassle in your shopping process for this blend masala.

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