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Parameter Description
Origin India
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Conventional
Shelf life 1-2 Years
Serving size 2 Teaspoon
Category Blend Masala
  • Wholesale Butter Chicken Masala Supplier in South Africa

    Are you in search of the best-quality butter chicken masala online? Kitchenhutt is your one-stop online destination for blended masalas, spices, and kitchen masala. You can explore and place an order of butter chicken masala online in South Africa from Kitchenhutt.

  • How to Use Butter Chicken Masala

    Butter chicken recipe tops the list of favourite recipes by many people globally. In this manner, butter chicken masala is also used multiple times to flavour non-veg recipes. It is one of the blend masala types formed by combining one or numerous ground or whole spices. The unique thing about this blended masala is it offers varying tastes and flavours as per your needs. You can use it to make your entire non-veg recipe spicy or mild by varying red chilly powder quantity. Butter chicken masala is prepared from a mixture of spices like red chilli powder, coriander, turmeric, garam masala, and salt.

  • Buy Bulk Wholesale Butter Chicken Masala online.

    Butter chicken masala is a widely used blend masala sprinkled over the famous butter chicken and other non-veg recipes. You can vary it based on the amount of spiciness required in your recipe. Order your favourite blended masala from Kitchenhutt, an online e-commerce store for spices, blend masalas, and kitchen masalas.

  • Why purchase Wholesale Butter Chicken Masala Online From Kitchenhutt

    Health benefits and best quality is one of the multiple reasons to shop butter chicken masala from Kitchenhutt. This blend masala offers a heavenly aroma with a fair symmetry of tanginess. The recipe contains little fibre and carbohydrates by sprinkling two teaspoons of butter chicken masala into one serving. We know that carbohydrates and fibre play a vital role in our daily diet. However, they help regulate bowel movements, provide energy, and improve digestion.

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