Achar Gosht Masala


Butter Chicken Masala


Chicken / Mutton Masala


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SKU: kitch-ispk-001

Parameter Description
Origin India
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Conventional
Shelf life 1-2 Years
Serving size 2 Teaspoon
Category Blend Masala
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  • How to Use Achar Gosht Masala

    Achar gosht masala is a pickle masala combined with mutton to serve in various recipes. Primarily, you can sprinkle this blended masala into different non-veg recipes that include mutton for delicious taste. Moreover, the achar gosht masala is one of the excellent and popular blended masalas in various countries globally. The achar gosht masala is used widely in recipes like Achari gosht and many more. This blended masala celebrates the traditional cuisine taste and combines Achari flavours with meat and pickle. It gives a unique aroma, flavour, and deliciousness with tender meat which is partially cooked.

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