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Parameter Description
Botanical Name Cinnamomum Cassia
Origin Southern China
Appearance Brown-Colored Powder
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Conventional
Shelf life 3-4 Years
Serving size 1 Teaspoon
Category Spices
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  • How to Use Cassia Powder

    Cassia is a variation of cinnamon used as a spice that flavors various dishes. It is an inner part of the bark derived from the tree called Cinnamomum Cassia. The bark is mainly available as a whole or in powder form. The cassia powder is a prominent spice that flavors various delicacies. And apart from being used as a spice, as the cassia contains many health-improving properties, it is used to cure diseases in many traditional medicinal practices.

  • Buy Bulk Cassia Powder Online

    Apart from flavoring Easter cookies, cassia powder is among the essential spices that enrich various dishes with taste and deliciousness. But when you want to buy bulk cassia powder for your restaurant or eatery business, or hotel, Kitchenhutt is the best eCommerce store for you. Here, you can find premium quality authentic cassia powder rich with flavorful aroma and taste. Our best packaging, storing, and delivery practices ensure your spice meets you with intact flavor and savor.

  • Cassia Stick Origins

    Cassia is indigenous to the Southern part of China. When it traveled to India and other South Asian countries, it became one of the staple spices in cuisine and medicine in traditional ancient medical practices.

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