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Everything You Want To Know About Dry Fruit & Chilly Cutter

The market is full of useful kitchen tools that may help you cut time on your cooking chores, but you don’t know about them. For example, this dry fruit and chilly cutter. This cutter can chop your dry fruit and chillies as well as numerous other vegetables and fruits in a minute.

But before you buy this dry fruit and chilly cutter in bulk for your retail shop or hotel business, here’s everything you would want to know. Keep reading the article to learn what this tool is, how it works, and how you can use it.

What is Dry Fruit & Chilly Cutter, And How Does It Work?

Dry fruit and chilly cutter, as its name suggests, is a convenient kitchen tool that helps cut dry fruits and chillies into small pieces. The tool comes in both plastic and metal builds. Metal ones are more robust and durable but slightly heavier than their plastic counterparts.

The design of the dry fruit and the chilly cutter is simple. It usually features a standard flour mill shape where the top looks like an inverted pyramid and the bottom have a straight, square body. It has an opening on top where you can put vegetables and fruits, which then goes to the stainless steel blades.

The blades rotate through the handle. And when they rotate, they cut the large food chunks into small pieces, which fall into the container below. The whole process of cutting is done hygienically without any human touch. Generally, the whole body of dry fruit and chilly cutter can be dismantled, making cleaning easier.

How to Use Dry Fruit & Chilly Cutter?

Now that you know what dry fruit and the chilly cutter are and how it works, you must be excited to put them to use. Using this tool isn’t rocket science. Anyone can easily figure out how to use it from its shape. However, it should be used correctly to ensure the longevity and quality of chopped food.

Before the chopping process, ensure the tool is thoroughly washed. You surely don’t want dirt and hair in your food. Moreover, the upper part of the tool is wide but not wide enough to accommodate whole food pieces. So, if you want to chop large vegetables such as bell paper, you need to chop them in rough chunks that can fit into the cutter.

Once you are prepared with this, you can start the cutting process as below:

  • Put the big chunks of food into the inverted pyramid-shaped mouth of the cutter, but make sure you don’t choke it with over-filling. Make room for the food pieces to move freely.
  • Have a firm grip on the handle and start rotating it in a clockwise manner. With your other hand, hold the machine in its place. You may occasionally have to use your other hand to stick food pieces to blades so they can chop them easily.
  • The chopped food items will be accumulated in the bottom food container. Once you are done with chopping, you can remove the upper part and take the chopped food out.

Buy Dry Fruit & Chilly Cutter From Kitchenhutt

If you’re thinking of purchasing this chilly cutter, head to our kitchenware section and place your order right now. Kitchenhutt is a leading wholesale kitchenware supplier in South Africa. We have an extensive range of premium kitchenware items that help shorten your cooking time and make your process efficient and productive. Also, check out our website to purchase bulk kitchenware online.

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