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A Complete Guide On Different Types of Drawer Slides

Finding the right type of heavy-duty drawer slides can be a challenging task as there are so many different types of channels available in the market. It is an important part of any storage furniture and requires some careful considerations when deciding the right type. In this article, we have discussed a complete guide on different types of drawer slides with their use case and suitability for different settings.

Different types of drawer slides sorted by mounting method

Side mount drawer slides

Side mount drawers are one of the most popular types of drawer slides out there. Side mount channels are attached horizontally to the drawer cabinet and drawer body. They are designed to withhold a lot of weight and last longer. That makes them suitable for various purposes, including kitchen cabinets, utility drawers, toolboxes, and other storage options for heavy items.

Such sliders come with either rollers or ball bearings. Rollers usually come in rubber material or more advanced are made of nylon. But they are not as durable as steel ball bearings and can easily get wear and tear. Steel ball bearings are strong, durable, and run smoothly. They can bear a lot of weight and are ideal choices for full-extend or over-travel drawers.

However, the major drawback of this type is that it typically needs half an inch of space between the drawer and the cabinet opening, which limits the width of the drawer and thus reduces the storage space.

Under-mount drawer slides

An under-mount drawer channel is a good option when you care more about the aesthetic of your furniture. In this type, the slides are attached to the cabinet’s sides and locking parts are fixed under the drawer, making completely concealing channels. This is an excellent way to show off the cabinet’s features as channels are hidden under the drawer.

This drawer slide type is preferred for high-end cabinetry and when there is not enough horizontal space. However, you need to keep half an inch of space above and under the drawer in the cabinet’s opening for the sliding member and attaching groove.

Top mount drawer slides

This type of drawer slide is attached to the top-side part of the cabinet opening and drawer. It is the complete opposite of under-mount drawer slides, which are attached below the drawers. The top mount type is usually employed in pencil drawers or keyboard drawers where the side and bottom are absent. In this drawer slide type, installation needs a good set of screws as the drawer and its content will heavily rely on screw holding.

Centre mount drawer slides

The Centre mount drawer slide comes as a single slide that fixes right at the centre of the drawer’s bottom part. This drawer slide type limits the height of your storage and it is critical to consider the height of the cabinet when choosing this type for your furniture.

Drawers with these slides are easier to put. They are also hidden, which adds aesthetic to your furniture. However, these drawer slides are not as sturdy as other drawer slider types and can’t hold heavy items. This is an ideal option to carry light materials.

Ending notes

Drawer channels are an important part of any storage cabinet. And therefore choosing the right is essential to meet your exact needs. There are different types of heavy-duty drawer channels available in the market, making it confusing where to start. This guide is aimed to ease the job with detailed descriptions of different types of drawer slides and which would be good for what purpose.

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